Hard to kill. Harder to love.

Rehabbing the Beast

Paranormal Romance

An injured war hero must rehabilitate not only his body, but his damaged soul, to find his happy ending.

A sweet love story of an injured beast of a man and the healing touch of a woman. The man you love to hate in the beginning becomes the man you love in the end.” – Goodreads reviewer Julie H.

Happily Ever Afters, Always  ~*~  No Cliffhangers, Ever

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Abbie Zanders loves to read and write romance in all forms; she is quite obsessive, really. Her ultimate fantasy is to spend all of her free time doing both, preferably in a secluded mountain cabin overlooking a pristine lake, though a private beach on a lush tropical island works, too. Sharing her work with others of similar mind is a dream come true. She promises her readers two things: no cliffhangers, and there will always be a happy ending. Beyond that, you never know…

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