Connelly Cousins

Contemporary Romance / Romantic Suspense

Celina (Book 1)

Finding the right one changes everything.

Celina Connelly has been saving herself for the right one. When she meets bad boy biker Kyle McCullough, she's sure she's found him. Unfortunately, Kyle believes she's more suited to his All-American brother than him. Besides, he doesn't do good girls.

Jamie (Book 1.5)

Nice guys don’t always finish last – at least once they pull their heads of their… well, you know.

Jamie McCullough is devastated when he discovers the woman who refused his marriage proposal accepted another's - his brother's! After a bit of soul-searching (and some sage advice from a trio of middle-aged romance authors), Jamie realizes that sometimes bad things happen for a good reason.

Johnny (Book 2)

All it takes is one moment to change everything…

Johnny Connelly has a thing for sassy redheads, especially Stacey Mallory, a.k.a. erotic romance author Salienne Dulcette. Ever since the accident that took the use of her legs, Stacey lives vicariously through her characters, but Johnny proves the reality can be so much better.

Michael (Book 3)

Bailey can’t outrun her past. Avoiding her future’s not looking too good, either.

When Michael Connelly’s matchmaking grandfather asks him for help, he figures the old man is just looking for an excuse to keep him in town for a while. The former Army Ranger soon learns there’s a lot more to the pretty server than meets the eye. Not only is he convinced she’s on the run, he quickly realizes she’s the one he never expected to find: His heart. His croie.

The Series Collection

Get the entire Connelly Cousins series collection - three full length novels and one novella - and save!

Home Base (Long Road Home / Connelly Cousins crossover novel)

Home Base cover

After fifteen years in the army, Dylan Grant is more than ready to come home, settle down, and start a family of his own. Thanks to one stolen, forbidden moment long ago, he might already have.

When Raven Blackstone returns to Birch Falls to settle her late father’s estate, she intends to close the book on that part of her life forever. But it’s not that simple. Not only does she discover dangerous family secrets lurking in every shadowy corner, the only man she’s ever loved is back in town too. And when he discovers the truth she’s been hiding from him all these years, he’s not as willing to walk away.