Mythic Series

Paranormal Romance

Faerie Godmother (Book 1)

The fragile alliance between preternaturals is at stake when a new creature comes to town. 

Master vampire Vlane awakens to find himself human. Even if it's only temporary, the vampires are understandably concerned. The last thing he remembers is partaking of a particularly lovely creature dressed as a legendary Faerie...

Fallen Angel (Book 2)

Fate? Or free will?

Cynical human businessman David Michael Corrigan is completely unaware of the preternatural creatures that call the nearby town of Mythic home. At least until a fallen angel appears on his doorstep, unknowingly summoned by his dying mother.

The Oracle at Mythic (Book 3)

If you think nobody understands you, try being an oracle.

Professional academic Tedi Papadopoulos comes to Mythic hoping to get an audience with the world’s foremost expert on paranormal folklore for her thesis. As the new girl in town, she draws a lot of interest, including that of sexy vampire playboy Kristoff, who goes to great lengths to deny the instant and powerful connection between them.

Wolf Out of Water (Book 4)

The right mate is worth the wait.

Matt’s pack is getting antsy. They want him to pick a mate and soon. The trouble is, Matt just hasn’t found the right one. Then he meets Jessie. After a night of steamy passion, he's convinced she's the one for him. The trouble is 1) she's human, and 2) she's already spoken for.