Paranormal Romance

StandAlone Paranormal Romance

More Than Mortal

for fans of Fantasy, Faeries, Atlanteans, Druids, Highlands, Mythology

Every ancient legend begins with a grain of truth.

Ceri and Edan learn there's a lot more to the world than either of them ever imagined. The lines between reality and myth blur as they discover ancient magic, hidden realms, and the truth about who – and what – they really are: pawns in a game that's been played for millennia.

Rehabbing the Beast

for fans of shifters and Druid magic

Hard to kill. Even harder to love.

Army Ranger Seth O’Rourke is more than just a man. Inside him lives a beast who knows that it is his duty to protect those weaker than himself. When a selfless act of heroism leaves him dependent upon others, his world crumbles around him. The only spark of light in a world of darkness and pain is the unusual woman who foolishly refuses to give up on him.

Immortal Dreams

for fans of Greek mythology, second chances, and underdogs

The gods of Olympus aren’t gone. They’re just more discreet than they used to be.

Nik Deimos doesn’t just have a god complex, he is a god. The son of Ares and Aphrodite, his duplicitous nature often has mortals cowering in fear or writhing in lust. The only exception: his unperturbable PA. The more he learns about Ellie, the more he’s convinced she was meant to be his. Only... Ellie has already bound herself to another and he’s forbidden from interfering.

Rock Hard

for those who like lion shifters, rock stars, and arrogant alphaholes who get their comeuppance

Rex Løve. Lion Shifter. International Sex Symbol. Rock God. Creative genius.

As the lead vocalist of the internationally famous band Lionheart, his deep, powerful voice and raw masculine beauty have made him the king of the music jungle. To his millions of adoring fans, he’s the stuff fantasies are made of. To his PA and his teenage daughter, he’s a self-absorbed pain in the ass.

Close Encounters of the Sexy Kind

for fans of sarcasm, tongue-in-cheek humor, kick ass heroines, and chivalrous Aequorian royalty

Destiny’s not just for Earthlings…

She’s a detective with something to prove. He’s an exiled Prince from another world, just trying to blend in.  He’s convinced she’s his mate, but Ryan’s not biting. Sure, he’s über hot and can make her melt with just a look, but he’s also number one on her most wanted list and thinks he’s from another planet.

The Jewel

For those who like their paranormal on the darker, sexier side. Contains vampires, mages, Fae, and more.

Their love is the stuff of legends.

The daughter of a powerful white witch, Gemma has a rare, covetable gift that many immortals would go to great lengths to control. No one knows, not even her beloved Viktor. When Gemma sacrifices herself to save those she loves, Viktor will stop at nothing to get her back - even death.

Going Nowhere

Black ops paranormal suspense for those who like shifters and Greek mythology.

His job is taking lives. Hers is saving them.

When special forces shifter Reid and gifted healer Alyx cross paths, they discover not only a powerful attraction neither one of them wants, but a common enemy who’s out to get them both. Can they prevail without losing their hearts in the process?

Black Wolfe's Mate

For those who like dark, steamy paranormal suspense and reclusive billionaires wolf shifters

Derrick Wolfe thinks he’s untouchable. He’s wrong.

Reclusive resort owner and werewolf alpha Derrick Wolfe is as solid and unyielding as the ancient volcanic stone that created his island, until shifters start going missing and an unusual human female tempts him to do the unthinkable.

Vampire Unaware

Not your typical vampire romance

Be careful what you wish for…

Master vampire Jason Blackthorne secretly wishes for something to make his immortal existence worth living again. When a near-fatal car accident brings Morgan unexpectedly into his world, he may have found what he's been looking for. There’s only one problem: Morgan would rather stake herself than be like him.

Falling for the Werewolf

Classic romance with a furry twist

A chance collision on a busy city sidewalk might not be the best way to discover a mate, but it is effective.

Jace and Dani were meant to be together; it doesn’t matter that he’s a shifter and she’s not. Unfortunately, not everyone wants to see them get their happily ever after.