Rehabbing the Beast

Romance on the Darker Side


Hard to kill. Even harder to love.

Army Ranger Seth O’Rourke is more than just a man. Inside him lives a beast who knows he can trust no one but himself to survive, and that it is his duty to protect those weaker than himself. When a selfless act of heroism leaves him dependent upon others, his world crumbles around him. The only spark of light in a world of darkness and pain is the woman who foolishly refuses to give up on him.

Quinn Brennan is more than just a woman. She has a rare and special gift: she can heal through touch. She knows she can trust no one with her secret because many will misunderstand and fear her powers. Seth is the exception. She’s willing to risk everything for him, because the same ancient ancestry that provided her gift insists that he is the other half of her soul.

When a tragic mishap puts her in the hospital, Quinn is forced to return to the only place she’s ever felt accepted. Will her absence be the catalyst Seth needs to bring himself back into the light and save them both?

~ * ~

What readers are saying about Rehabbing the Beast:

“A sweet love story of an injured beast of a man and the healing touch of a woman. The man you love to hate in the beginning becomes the man you love in the end.” – Goodreads Reviewer Julie H.

“Incredible story of pain, healing, and love.” – Amazon Reviewer Suzi

“A quick, but well-crafted story. Great characterization, with a little magic thrown in.” – Amazon Reviewer LJ

“There’s a darkness to these characters that lends a touch of bitter sweetness to the tale.” – Amazon Reviewer Colleen

“Full of emotion, drama, and steamy passion. Love can and does tame the jerkiest of beasts.” – Amazon Reviewer Kasey