Contemporary Romance

Contemporary Romance / Romantic Suspense / Romantic Comedy

Waitress at the Shadow Ridge Inn 

Gripping romantic suspense (stand-alone)

Sometimes you need to stop running and start living... if you can stay alive long enough

Someone wants Casey gone, and she has no idea who or why. With no memory of the horrific attack and continued threats against her and those closest, she has no choice. She must run, far and fast, until it’s safe for her to return—or her memories do - and try not to endanger anyone else in the process.

Cast in Shadow (Shadow SEALs)

Gripping romantic suspense (Shadow SEALs / Callaghan / Sanctuary crossover)

Cast In Shadow

Scapegoat. Fall guy. Puppet … Hero

When a covert mission went full-on FUBAR, someone had to take the blame.

These days, his only allegiance is to himself. And if he’s using his special skills to line his own pocket? All the better. He’s vowed never put his life on the line for anyone ever again.

Then she winds up in his crosshairs.

And FUBAR doesn’t even begin to describe what happens next.

Rock Star Romeo (Cocky Hero Club)

Contemporary romance in the music biz with 30-somethings 

He's a ROCK LEGEND. She's his INSPIRATION. And she has NO IDEA.

Jace Logan is a rock legend. Little does now-PR Marketing executive Eva D'Agolino know that when Jace saw her on stage as a teenager, she became the inspiration for his band, Dark Wing. When their paths cross again after nearly twenty years, it's nothing less than fate. 

SEAL Out of Water

Seasoned (40+) suspenseful romance

"Retirement" doesn't mean the same thing to everyone.

When a businessman with ties to international terrorism goes missing, his PA turns out to be a great source of inside information and an unexpected temptation for retired US Navy SEAL Commander Gabriel “Saint” Michaels. But can she be trusted?

The Realist

For fans of snark, sarcasm, and sexy times

Better alone than in bad company.

Clarissa Sullivan and Travis Maxwell have something in common - they both just want to be left alone. As the only two residents in the remote mountain area, what begins as a reluctant alliance becomes much, much more. But in the wild, unforgiving wilderness, it just makes sense to have each other’s back. Right?

Letting Go

Sexy contemporary romance with plenty of snark and all the feels.

When it comes to love, no mission is impossible.

Hannah is determined to be there when her father’s diagnosed with ALS. Angus wants to see his daughter with a man who will love her and treat her like the amazing women she is. Ethan needs to pull himself up by his bootstraps and get his sh*t together. Having a plan Bravo isn’t going to be enough; to succeed, they’re each going to need plans Charlie, Delta, and Foxtrot, too.

Celestial Desire

Romantic suspense with plenty of steam

Dance with reckless abandon. Pet a snake. Get a tattoo. Have wild, hot sex with a gorgeous stranger.

Recently divorced from her abusive husband, Celeste Harrison is creating a new life for herself, and hot Marine Zane Fagan is perfect for crossing at least one item off her bucket list. 

It's all fun and games until the system fails and her ex tracks her down.