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NEW RELEASE! Ready for a trip back to Pine Ridge? 

Nick Milligan is no choir boy. There are some things that can never be forgotten, forgiven, or undone, and there are some things he's accepted he'll never have. When trouble comes to Pine Ridge and threatens the youth he's so protective of, however, he discovers he’s been wrong about a lot of things—including the fact that what he’s been looking for has been right in front of him all along. Now, he can only hope he’s not too late …

The cover of hometeam advantage by abbie zanders.

As long as you're in Pine Ridge ...

Beneath the skills and formidable exterior, Matt O'Connell’s soul remains intact—for now. He’s at a crossroads, and he’s hoping that spending time around the men who helped shape him as a teen can help him with the choices he now faces.

His mother’s new neighbor is an intriguing distraction. She’s young and beautiful and completely uninterested in him, which makes even harder to stay away. Especially when his finely honed instincts insist there’s a lot more to her than meets the eye.

ICMYI: Too Close to Home (2023 Release)

Danny Donovan might look like a charming, harmless rogue, and to many, that’s exactly what he is. But buried deep beneath a mischievous smile and twinkling eyes is a man with a dark past … and a mysterious, hidden agenda.

Now that he’s out of the service, it’s time to begin the next phase of his plan. And to do that, he must travel to Northeastern Pennsylvania.

He’s not going to let anything get in his way. That includes Gwen Maguire, the soft-spoken female therapist who sees a lot more than she should... and who might have even more to hide than he does.

Too Close to Home

Abbie's 2024 Event Lineup

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ICYMI: Just For You (2023 Release)

Have you met Viper?

He’s the tatted and pierced creative soul Gina Cerasino has been fantasizing about for years. Now that she's gotten to know the man behind the performer, she's more drawn to him than ever. But the timing sucks. Their crossing of paths is just a temporary thing, and despite her best efforts, he’s determined to keep her solidly in the friend zone.

Just For You is the 5th book in the Cerasino Family Novella series. This one's a longer-length novella, a sweet, mildly suspenseful love story featuring a heroine ready to take on the world and a jaded hero who already did and has the scars to prove it. No graphic sex or violence. Minimal adult language.

ICYMI: Waitress at the Shadow Ridge Inn (2023 Release)

Before Pine Ridge and Jake Callaghan, there was Shadow Ridge and Steve Ziegler. Check out this pre-cursor to the popular Callaghan Brothers series today!

More than Mortal

Now available in Kindle Unlimited!

For fans of Fantasy, Faeries, Atlanteans, Druids, Highlands, Mythology... 

Ceri and Edan learn there's a lot more to the world than either of them ever imagined. The lines between reality and myth blur as they discover ancient magic, hidden realms, and the truth about who – and what – they really are: pawns in a game that's been played for millennia.

Am I a new to you author? Not sure where to start?

I get it. I write a lot of stuff. Military, suspense, romcom, paranormal, time travel. That's why I put together a "getting to know me" box set. It's got five first-in-series stories across multiple subgenres: 

  • Just For Me (sweet contemporary family novellas)
  • Dangerous Secrets (romantic suspense with a family of hot Irish SEAL brothers)
  • Faerie Godmother (light paranormal with all kinds of preternaturals)
  • Protecting Sam (small town protector romance)
  • Maiden in Manhattan (time travel)

Click HERE for more info