Contemporary Romance / Romantic Comedy

Five Minute Man (Book 1)

"I write sex, Liz. I don't have it."

The only romance author Holly McTierney sees is the stuff she writes herself. At least until she meets contractor Adam Grayson. The sexy and rugged contractor might be just the one to prove that "The One" isn't just a literary catch phrase.

All Night Woman (Book 2)

Old enough to know better. Young enough not to care.

Liz Benning is single and successful, but her neat and tidy life gets complicated when she meets wealthy, handsome (and incredibly jaded) playboy Miles Grayson. As a general rule, Miles doesn't believe in happily ever afters, but soon discovers that Liz might just be the exception.

Seizing Mack (Book 3)

Carpe the Romance

Heather “Mack” McKenzie runs her own fitness center, Seize, named for her favorite motto, Carpe Diem. When sexy detective Nick Benning returns to town after ten long years, he’s going to put Mack’s motto to the ultimate test.