The Long Road Home

Contemporary Romance / Romantic Suspense

You can take the warrior out of the fight, but not the fight out of the warrior. With the military behind them, these heroes battle uncertain futures as they travel the long road home. Each book is a complete story with an HEA.

SEASON TWO -  Summer 2022

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Searching for Home (Season 2 Book 1)

July 12th, 2022

A moment in time can last forever.

The Atlanta airport was always insane, but with no one waiting for him, Scott gave up his seat in favor of a later flight when the attendant at the gate called for volunteers. A chance meeting with a woman in the USO provided him a direction and a purpose. Little did he know that trajectory would put him directly in the path of the woman and child he saw in his dreams every night.

Home Port (Season 2 Book 2)

August 2nd, 2022

Chris Andrews needs to go home. But getting there turns out to be an adventure once the stoic Chris meets free-spirit Stella for a cross-country adventure.

She opens his eyes to the beauty she sees in the world around her. But when she stumbles upon a secret someone wants to keep and her life is in danger, Chris is the man with the skills to keep her safe. And his new security co-workers jump in to help them both.

Home Base (Season 2 Book 3)

August 23rd, 2022

After fifteen years in the army, Dylan Grant is ready to come home, settle down, and seriously consider starting a family of his own. Thanks to one stolen, forbidden moment long ago, he might already have.

When Raven Blackstone returns to Birch Falls to settle her late father’s estate, she fully intends to close the book on that part of her life forever. Not only does she discover dangerous family secrets lurking in every shadowy corner, the only man she’s ever loved is back in town too. And when he discovers the truth she’s been hiding from him all these years, he’s not as willing to walk away.

Home Fires (Season 2 Book 4)

September 13th, 2022

One month's leave from the Navy. One last opportunity to rectify his only regret—leaving behind the woman who'd raised him. She was the one shining light in his childhood. The one who'd kept the home fires burning all these years… And the last person he'd ever expect to be a conniving, manipulative liar who would actually pretend to be dying just to get him home! But, apparently, that's exactly what she did.

So now what? He could leave. Go back to the team or take a much needed vacation. It would be what the old woman deserved for scaring him. Or maybe he should stick around. Find out why she was so desperate to get him back there. After all, Granny's hot live-in personal assistant might make it worth staying. 

Defending Home (Season 2 Book 5)

October 4th, 2022

When Nolan O'Rourke finds out that his mother, the woman who had made his childhood a nightmare, had died giving birth to his baby sister, it was decision time. Could he handle going back to Tennessee, even though he’d sworn never to step foot in Jasper Creek ever again?

Mary Smith is in trouble. Fourteen months, five states and three names ago she was still on the run from a man who is intent on killing her. Now she finds herself in a trailer park in the middle of nowhere Tennessee, ready to run again at the slightest provocation.

Will two people who don’t believe in trust or love, come together to save a life, and possibly make their own lives worth living?


My Heart's Home (Season 1 Book 1)

My Heart's  Home by Kris Michaels

At forty years old, Chief Master Sergeant Cameron Freeland is starting over.  He's not even sure where home's going to be. But that could all change when Cam's new job as a special investigator takes him to the cardboard cottages of the homeless, where he meets a struggling single mom and the little girl with the big green eyes.

Home to Stay (Season 1 Book 2)

Home to Stay by Maryann Jordan

After a medical discharge from the Army, a new job offer with a prestigious security firm might lead John Roster to the future he wants. A threat against a local school and the kids who've been writing him letters thrusts him into the role of protector. Keeping their history teacher safe is his mission… earning her love is his goal. And a soldier never quits.

Finding Home (Season 1 Book 3)

Finding Home by Abbie Zanders

When Jaxson Adams is forced out of the service on a medical discharge, he returns to his hometown to find that very little has changed. The problem is, he has. Then he finds the letters that change everything he thought he knew about his family. They provide a new mission—to discover the truth, right decades-old wrongs in the process—and maybe even find his heart in the process.

Home Again (Season 1 Book 4)

Home Again by Caitlyn O'Leary

At eighteen, Sebastian joined the Navy to run away from the pain, the confusion, the terror and the guilt. Now it's time to finally come to terms with his past. Can he solve the mystery that has haunted him for years and set things right before it crumbles down around him and the woman who’s become entangled in his mess?

Home Front (Season 1 Book 5)

Home Front by Cat Johnson

The only luck he has these days in rotten luck. While he waits to see if he'll heal enough to get back on his SEAL team, he takes a temporary gig as body guard for a singer so famous even he'd heard of her. And guard her body he did. Day . . . and night. His new boss probably didn't have protection that close or that personal in mind. And he wasn't supposed to fall for her.