Contemporary Romance / Romantic Suspense

Protecting Sam (Book 1)

He wasn't trying to be a hero. He just had a knack for being in the right place at the right time.

When aspiring bakery owner Sam becomes the target of a stalker, she finds unexpected help in her sexy new neighbor Steve, a Navy SEAL veteran. He’s always there when she needs him most, which makes it harder for her to deny their growing bond…


Best Laid Plans (Book 2)

When best laid plans go awry... it might be time to make a new plan.

Former SEAL Hugh “Heff” Bradley has put aside his womanizing ways to focus on making the Sanctuary a place for veterans in need. He knows how difficult the transition back to civilian life at can be; he’s walked the razor’s edge himself a few times. That means keeping his head down and his hands to himself. Then he meets her.

Shadow of Doubt (Book 3)

It takes a village... to ruin a perfectly good love story.

Former SEAL Brian Sheppard might come across as a quiet, respectful kind of guy, but there's a reason his call name is "Mad Dog." There's nothing he won't do to protect those he cares about, and Sumneyville sweetheart Kate Handelmann has quickly moved to the top of that list. He's convinced she's the one for him, but with tensions rising between the Sanctuary and the town, they're both being forced to pick sides. 

Nick UnCaged (Book 4)

Perfect match? Or recipe for disaster?

When online journalist Bree De Rossi is sent to Pennsylvania to do a feel-good piece on Sanctuary, not only does shy IT guy Nick rouse her non-professional interest, but she soon discovers that the sleepy little mountain town of Sumneyville has its share of dark secrets… and so does her SEAL.

Organically Yours (Book 5)

Have they found the secret recipe for happiness…or are they playing with fire?

Former SEAL combat medic Cole "Doc" Watson is content as his Sanctuary teammates get their HEAs—until the beautiful orchard manager captures his attention. His mission to capture Tina’s heart is complicated. Her brothers are involved in something shady, and telling Tina could jeopardize years of undercover work—and drive her away.

Finding Home (Book 5.5*)

They say home is where the heart is. But what happens when you don't have one?

When Jaxson Adams is forced out of the service on a medical discharge, he returns to his hometown to find that very little has changed. The problem is, he has. Then he finds the letters that change everything he thought he knew about his family. They provide a new mission—to discover the truth, right decades-old wrongs in the process—and maybe even find his heart in the process.

* Technically, Finding Home isn't part of the Sanctuary series, but it's set in the same world and some of the characters you know and love.

Prodigal Son (Book 6)

He lost everything once.  He's not going to let it happen again.

Things really heat up when Hayley Freed returns to Sumneyville... and Sanctuary leader Matt “Church” Winston.

Will they finish what they started so long ago? And if so, who’ll be left standing?

Sanctuary Collections

Collection #1:

  • Protecting Sam
  • Best Laid Plans
  • Shadow of Doubt

Collection #2:

  • Nick UnCaged
  • Organically Yours
  • Prodigal Son