Cerasino Family Novellas

short sweet feel good contemporary romance

Just for Me (Book 1)

Have you ever read a book and felt as if it had been written just for you? 

Kat doesn’t have many vices in life, but Nick Penn’s romances are her secret addiction. It’s like each one has been written for her and her alone because... it has. Nick’s ready to make their storybook romance a reality, but soon finds out that writing romance is a lot easier than living it. 

Just for Him (Book 2)

Vinnie devotes his life to protecting and serving others every day. But who is going to be there for him?

Officer Vincent Cerasino is convinced that being the best cop he can be means there’s not enough left over for a meaningful relationship. The pretty waitress who always slips him extra bacon on his blue plate special every morning might just change his mind.

Just for Her (Book 3)

One kiss could give them forever. One attack could steal it away…

Paul Cerasino’s job as a Family Services attorney keeps him busy and leaves little time for anything else, until paralegal Allison Kearney shows him that with the right partner, he can have his job and a love life, too.

Just for Us (Book 4)

It only takes a second to change everything

Sofia Cerasino dreamed of becoming a doctor since she was a little girl. Now, after years of hard work and sacrifice, that her dream is finally within reach. But when brutal accident threatens to ruin it all, the handsome new doc in town shows her there’s more to life than the job.

Cerasino Family Novellas Collection #1 (Books 1-3)

Convenient collection includes the first 3 books in the Cerasino Family Novellas series:

Just For Me: Every steamy story is written just for her…and they’ve never even said hello.

Just For Him: Saving the day is what he does. But will love catch his heart when it falls?

Just For Her: One kiss could give them forever. One attack could steal it away…