Just For You

Cerasino Family Novellas, Book 5


No matter how much he wants her, he knows he can’t have her


With my shiny new master’s degree in hand, I’m ready to break free and take the world by storm. No one understands my desire to flee the comfort and safety of my modest town and large Italian family except him. Viper. The lead guitarist for my favorite band and my number one crush since he first smiled at me backstage years ago.

He’s tatted and pierced in all the right places with a creative soul and a dark energy I can’t get enough of. And now that I’ve gotten to know the man behind the performer, I’m more drawn to him than ever.

But it’s not meant to be. Our crossing of paths is just a temporary thing, and despite my best efforts, he’s determined to keep me solidly in the friend zone.



When my tour is unexpectedly cut short, I’m not as disappointed as I should be. I’m beyond weary, and worse, I don’t hear the music in my head like I used to. What I need is time away from the craziness. Time to stop being Viper, lead guitarist for Bad Influence, and go back to being Grayson Mitchell. I’m not even sure who that guy is anymore, but if anyone can help me remember him, it’s my twin brother.

When I head to Grant’s for much-needed rest, relaxation, and long overdue bro time, I didn’t expect to find him smitten with a beautiful young doc. Nor did I expect to find myself equally drawn to said gorgeous doc’s younger sister. Gina is … amazing. She’s vibrant and beautiful and so unjaded it makes my dark heart ache. When I’m with her, I hear the music again.

She’s into me, I can see it in her eyes. But no matter how much I want her, I can’t. I won’t. I … shouldn’t.

~ * ~

Just For You is the 5th book in the Cerasino Family Novella series, a short, sweet, mildly suspenseful love story featuring an ebullient heroine ready to take on the world and a jaded hero who already did and has the scars to prove it. No graphic sex or violence. Minimal adult language.