Just For Her

Cerasino Family Novellas, Book 3


One kiss could give them forever. One attack could steal it away…

Allison Kearney

I sacrificed my dreams of law school to get my younger sister away from her ex and give her a fresh start in Cecilton. She doesn’t have to know I’ve come from Boston for a few days not just to see her, but to find a lawyer who’ll be her backup when the ex’s restraining order expires.

I didn’t expect him to be the perfect package of sexy, funny,  and thoughtful, with a smile that makes my toes curl and my heart stutter.

Paul Cerasino

My job is my life, and honestly? With all the divorces, custody battles, and domestic abuse cases I handle, I’m okay with the fact that Cupido has yet to hit me with an arrow. The last thing I need is a distraction in the form of long, golden hair, sea-green eyes bright with intelligence, and Cupid’s-bow lips.

Maybe my matchmaking nonno is right—I should give Alison a reason to stay. But I’m afraid I’ve waited too long, and now an unexpected attack could take her away from me forever.