Just For Me

Cerasino Family Novellas, Book 1


Have you ever read a book and felt as if it had been written just for you? What if it had?

Katherine O’Shea doesn’t have many vices in life, but Nick Penn’s romances are her secret addiction. It’s like each one has been written for her and her alone. Picturing herself as the heroine is easy, and if she imagines the hot, sexy laptop guy she sees in the bookstore every week as her hero, well, what’s the harm?

Nicholas Cerasino decided to pursue his love of writing after losing his leg in action. Military suspense was his genre of choice, but after seeing the cute, shy woman in his grandfather’s bookstore every week, he pours his secret desires into steamy romance instead — with her as his heroine.

With help from his matchmaking grandfather, Nick’s ready to take their storybook romance to the next level. But he soon finds out that writing romance is a lot easier than living it.

“A sweet little story that keeps you turning the pages and then rereading when you finish it.” – Amazon Reviewer Sharon M.

“A sweet delightful novella that introduces you to a family I can’t wait to hear more from.” – Amazon Reviewer Allena H.