Just For Him

Cerasino Family Novellas, Book 2


Vincent Cerasino gives his all to the Cecilton PD, so much so there’s not much time or energy left for him to pursue any kind of meaningful relationship. Besides, he has yet to meet a woman he thinks would be willing to put up with the long hours, the inherent risks of the job, and the occasional lack of attention – just to be with him.

Haven McAlister might just be the exception. She’s the pretty waitress who always has a great cup of coffee and a ready smile waiting for him every night. The more he learns about her, the more he likes. If he could have a woman to come home to every night, he’d want it to be her.

Haven knows the best things in life don’t come easy or free, and that a little sacrifice can go a long way. When she learned half-brother was in a bad situation, she didn’t think twice about putting her continuing education on hold and take him in, even if it meant taking on a second job. That’s what family does, even when it’s just two of them.

Officer Vinnie’s nightly visit is always the highlight of her day. He’s handsome, funny, brave, and is one of the few people who truly appreciates her love of old-time gangster films. She wonders if he notices the little things she does, just for him.

When things get tough for Haven and her brother, Vinnie is right there, doing what he does best— saving the day and unknowingly claiming another little piece of her heart in the process.

And maybe, just maybe, things aren’t as one-sided as they seem…

~ *  What Readers Are Saying about Just For Him * ~

“What better than reading a short book that leaves you feeling good?” – Amazon Reviewer SLF

“Ms. Zanders has a good feel for when and how to end chapters that keeps you wanting to turn the page.” – Amazon Reviewer EngrKat

“I love this Italian family!” – Amazon Review Mommarachel1

“Love this new family! Abbie Zanders knows how to pack a full length story into a novella keeping you fully satisfied and wishing for more at the same time.” – Amazon Review Sharon