Rock Hard

A BAD Alpha Dads Romance


Rex Løve. Lion Shifter. International Sex Symbol. Rock God. Royal Pain in the Arse.

As the lead vocalist of the internationally famous band Lionheart, his deep, powerful voice and raw masculine beauty have made him the king of the music jungle. To his millions of adoring fans, he’s the stuff fantasies are made of.

To those closest to him, he’s a self-absorbed pain in the ass.

Alice Kensington knows this better than anyone. As Rex’s personal assistant, she’s responsible for keeping the king of beasts happy – a difficult task on the best of days. After all, finding gazelle-flavored ice cream in the middle of the night isn’t exactly easy.

Rex might be a creative genius, but his egocentric ways are making things difficult for those closest to him. He can’t understand why his privileged offspring would want to waste her life with something as pointless as a career in science. Nor can he fathom why his beautiful, capable human assistant won’t just give in to her desires and sleep with him when so many others jump at the chance.

Except Alice isn’t human, and her lioness insists the exasperating alpha male is her mate. Even worse, she’s gone and fallen in love with Rex and come to care deeply for his brilliant, introverted daughter.

Unfortunately, it might take losing it all for Rex to realize everything he needs and wants was right there all along.

~ * ~

“Loved the character development and the storyline. Pure entertainment.” – Amazon Reviewer Linda

“Once again, I am reminded why I love an Abbie Zanders romance! No matter the genre, if you pick up one of Abbie’s books, you will laugh, you may cry, but you will definitely root for the underdog to find a love only Abbie can write!” – Amazon Reviewer Debra

“Engaging characters and a humorous storyline made this a very enjoyable read. No angst, quick resolutions and no wasted dialogue or unnecessary plot twists…” – Amazon Reviewer Allena

“Rex is one of the funniest asses you will ever read…” – Amazon Reviewer Stacy

“Fast-paced and humorous, with an often infuriating hero, Rock Hard is not your typical paranormal romance.” – Amazon Reviewer Kasey