Sweet, feel-good, holiday themed bear shifter Christmas romance

Beary Christmas Series

Bearly Festive

Beary Christmas Book 3


Allison Timms doesn’t have a place to call home, not really. Since running away from foster care at a young age, she’s been moving from place to place, job to job, atoning for the misdeeds of her youth. Her hope is that one day, she’ll land her dream job and finally be able to stop running.

This Christmas, she’s determined to make her wish come true – if she can make it up to the swanky lodge and convince the wealthy resort owner he needs her mad skills. She failed to factor in the Christmas Eve snowstorm making the mountainous route so treacherous – or the possibility that she might go careening over the edge.

Ben Blackwell enjoys a simple life. He lives on the land that’s been in his family for generations, grows the finest Christmas trees this side of the Rockies, and is a master craftsman by trade. He wants what every bear shifter wants – to pad along peacefully in the forested mountains he calls home and, fate willing, have a mate to share it with.

But life is rarely simple. Someone is trying to get their hands on his family land, and the right woman is proving elusive – until she crashes into his backyard. Literally.

Could Allie be the one he’s been waiting for? Or is she working with his rival to destroy everything?