Falling for the Werewolf

Howls Romance - Classic Romance with a Furry Twist


Jace Stevens might have a Master’s in finance, but he’s a simple werewolf at heart. He prefers fresh air to climate-controlled offices and living in the close-knit community of Kenner’s Mills to the big city. When he accidentally crosses paths with his mate, he’s got everything a shifter could ask for.

Dani Evans wants to be a teacher.  It’s taken years of night school, but now she’s finally done. She’s spending her summer with her aunt in Kenner’s Mills, hoping for a position in one of the local school districts. It a great place, and when she meets the man of her dreams, it gets even better.

It doesn’t matter than she’s human and he’s a shifter; Jace and Dani are meant to be together. But when Jace’s pregnant ex shows up and starts spewing threats, things get hairy — especially since Dani has a little secret of her own.

“Great read! Entertaining characters with just enough angst to make it interesting.” – Amazon Reviewer Sharon M.

“I love the idea of finding that one person who is it for you. The one you know with that first glimpse that this person was chosen just for you.” – Amazon Reviewer Fiona