The Jewel

A Dark & Sexy Paranormal Romance

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Gemmaline is special. The daughter of a powerful white witch, Gemma has a rare, covetable gift that many immortals would go to great lengths to control.

No one knows her secret, and she intends to keep it that way. Gemma and Viktor’s love is the stuff of legends. She wants nothing more than for them to be married and spend the rest of their days together in their small, peaceful village.

When a dark mage/vampire appears and threatens those she loves, Gemma has no choice. She must make the ultimate sacrifice and leave her home – and her beloved – to save them.

Gemma is the center of Viktor’s world. Nothing is going to stop him from getting her back.

There is no price too high to pay, for Viktor believes their love is strong enough to overcome anything – even mortality.

Five hundred years later, that belief is put to the ultimate test.

But it may already be too late…