Best Laid Plans

Sanctuary, Book Two


Former SEAL Hugh “Heff” Bradley has put aside his womanizing ways to focus on making the Sanctuary a place for veterans in need. He knows how difficult the transition back to civilian life at can be; he’s walked the razor’s edge himself a few times.

His plan: Use his special skills to make the project a reality and stop those trying to sabotage it. That means keeping his head down and his hands to himself. Then he meets her.

Sandy Summers knows exactly what she wants: to get out of Sumneyville for good. Fate seems to be conspiring against her, however, throwing up one obstacle after another. Her plan: Work two jobs, attend night school to earn a degree, accept a job offer in the city, and never look back.

Impulsively hooking-up with the sexy, skilled SEAL before she leaves wasn’t part of the plan. Neither was her absentee father showing up on her doorstep after fifteen years with another game changer. But she’s worked too hard and too long not to stick to her plan, even if it means walking away from the only good thing that’s happened to her in years.

Heff and Sandy know firsthand what can happen to the best laid plans. But when getting back on track means sacrificing a chance at true happiness, do they take it? Or do they make a new plan?

Best Laid Plans is a contemporary love story with steam, suspense, and humor to give you all the feels and leave you smiling.