When Worlds Collide

February 7, 2022

Behind the Scenes: When Worlds Collide

Every time I get an idea for a story or sign on for a project, I must ask myself the same question: should it be part of (or have ties to) an existing series, or should it be completely stand-alone? And if it is tied to a series, to what extent?

For example, my Callaghan boys show up a lot in my other series, like Sanctuary and the Connelly Cousins, as well as my stand-alone SEAL Out of Water (which is on sale this month).

In other cases, the references to other characters are tiny “Easter eggs” – like the mention of Tiny’s Tattoo shop (House Calls, Celina) in Seizing Mack, or the references to Dark Wing (Rockstar Romeo) in Bottom Line.

I love doing that.

My books are like my kids in a way. They’re connected (through me) and I like it when they all get along 😊 Spoiler alert: Cast in Shadow is no exception. You’ll see some familiar faces in Zeke and Aggie’s story when it releases this month. But exactly who you’ll see and in what context… my lips are sealed.