7 Books in 7 Months

July 15, 2018

Yep, I did that. Published 7 books in seven months. I don’t recommend it for anyone fond of their sanity. Or sleep.

Did I write a book a month? Hell, no. It takes me ages to create a complete story, even a novella length. But writing the book is only a small part of getting it out there. There are edits (several rounds), proofing, covers, formatting, pre-orders, promos… you get the idea… all which need to be coordinated and scheduled.

So why did I do it? Mostly, I just have a hard time saying ‘no’, especially when a great opportunity comes along. Like collaborating with fellow authors or flexing my creative wings in fun, new ways. My muses like it, too, because they are a wild bunch, taking pleasure in goading me away from whatever path I’m currently on. Seriously, I have the attention span of a goldfish and they gleefully take advantage of that.

[To prove my point, know that I stopped writing this post to Google “animal with shortest attention span” (to get a proper, accurate analogy), which of course led me down an entirely different path. But I digress…]

Just look at the content of those seven books and you’ll see what I’m talking about:

Kinda makes your brain hurt, doesn’t it?

The truth is, as hard as it was, it was a good thing. I was facing some life challenges and writing helped me deal with them. Well, writing and bad (comfort) food choices. I know which one is better for me in the long run, but pasta aglio and bacon and chocolate chip goodness…

Now the sprint is over and I’m allowing myself to take a step back and breathe a little.  I’ll be traveling to some signings this summer, which is always fun and exciting. There will be no new release this month, but that doesn’t mean I’ve walked away from my laptop entirely. Brian McCain’s book (Not Quite Broken, Book 2 in the Callaghan Family & Friends) is scheduled for release in the Love Under Siege anthology on September 18th, 2018. And I’ve gone back to Covendale to finally finish Nick Benning’s story (Seizing Mack), which has been a work in progress for nearly two years now (see? long time).

Will I get distracted? Of course, I will. There is that medieval romance with the sexy, dark rogue prince that’s been whispering in my ear.  And Church and Heff are sparring over who’s going to be next in my new Sanctuary series. Oh – and Karthik, the demon lord of Mythic had been skulking around, looking for his mate…