A Tale of Two Michaels

November 27, 2021

Behind the Scenes

If you’ve read the Callaghan Brothers and the Connelly Cousins, you may have wondered why I have two Michaels: Michael Callaghan, the doctor (House Calls, Callaghan Brothers #3) and Michael Connelly, the Army Ranger (Michael, Connelly Cousins #3).

I asked myself that question, too.

The truth is, I screwed up. I like the name Michael, okay? In those days when I was writing only for myself (and never dreamed I’d actually publish anything), a lot of my heroes were named Michael.

Then, when I did decide to self-publish, somehow the fact that I had two Michaels in the same family slipped by me.

But… it’s not really all that unusual, is it? I have a lot of Johns, Michaels, and Davids in my “for real” family, for example. Plus, it gave me an opportunity to write a fun explanatory flashback in Forever Mine, when Jack relays the story of how that came to be.

I’ll tell you something else, too… that’s not the only time I slipped up.  In fact, I unwittingly gave two unrelated characters the same last name in the Callaghan Brothers series. Do you know who they are?