The Covendale Series

All Night Woman

The Covendale Series, Book 2


Liz Benning is a successful, professional woman. When she thought about her 35th birthday, she pictured a nice dinner, a sappy chick flick with some gratuitous frontal nudity, and cake – lots of cake – with her best friend.

She certainly didn’t envision male strippers, public humiliation, or a night in the police station.

Those things just aren’t her, even if the events of that night do result in the hottest sex of her life.

When his younger brother calls out of the blue to tell him he’s getting married, Miles Grayson is concerned. After all, rushing to the altar didn’t work out so well for him.

At forty, Miles is finally at a point where he can start enjoying his life. He’s still got his movie star good looks, is at the top of the sales and marketing game, and has the freedom to go anywhere and do anything – and anyone – he wants.

And right now, he wants to keep his brother from making the same mistake he did.

Finding the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with is an unexpected bonus.

“Loved the story line and really liked the ages of the main characters!! I have been reading lot of books lately that have the characters in their early to mid twenties, nothing wrong with that but being over 40ish myself I would like to read about romance within my age group!” ~ Amazon Reviewer K. C.

“Mmmmm GREAT read! It was HOT SEXY SWEET LOVING FUNNY and had a happy ending for them all.” ~  Amazon Reviewer M.