All Wrong

Callaghan Brothers Book 12


How can two people who are all wrong for each other be so right?

Corinne McCain has always had a thing for bad boys. The problem is, most of them are well, bad. Nick is different. Sure, he’s dark, mysterious, and totally rocking the bad boy vibe, but beneath his rebellious exterior lies a heart of gold.

She knows, because she’s been paying attention. Unlike him, who barely seems to know she exists.

Until she’s unwittingly drawn into a drug trafficking operation targeting teens at the Zone, that is.


Nick Milligan is no choir boy. Despite his efforts to leave his past behind, there are some things that can never be forgotten, forgiven, or undone. He’s made his peace with it. Mostly.

Deep down, he longs for a woman with a good heart and a wild soul. One who’ll accept him and his dark past and wants to share his future. But in his jaded soul, he knows there is no such woman for him.

In the course of identifying and eliminating the newest threat against his kids, however, he discovers he’s been wrong about a lot of things—including the fact that what he’s been looking for has been right in front of him all along.

Now, he can only hope he’s not too late …