Beyond Affection

The Callaghan Brothers, Book 5


Nice guys don’t always finish last.

Shane Callaghan is used to drawing female attention, but this is the first time a woman actually drooled over him.

From the moment he spotted the pretty blonde catching a few Z’s during his lecture, a spark ignited deep in his chest. And each minute he spends with the gentle-hearted Kindergarten teacher only fans the flames.

Lacie McCain is not the type of woman to be easily smitten, but as soon as the gorgeous lawyer turns those beautiful blues her way, she is a goner. His quiet intensity and gentlemanly charm are impossible to resist.

Shane and Lacie are meant to be together. Everyone can see that.

Everyone except the one who is determined to keep them apart.


“There is something about the Callaghan men that take your breath away and steal your heart. Shane and Lacie’s story is a powerful story, deceptive in the way the storyline quietly sneaks up on you. While both Lacie and Shane are not constantly talking, their feelings for one another can be heard echoing off the mountaintops. Abbie Zanders has done it again. She took her knowledge and imagination and put her whole heart and soul into a story that will have you craving your own “croie”.” ~ Amazon Reviewer Danielle

“This book touches on every emotion. The story starts out with so much humor that I didn’t even see the dark scenes coming at all.” ~ Amazon Reviewer Dawn