Callaghans in Quarantine

Ever wonder how the Callaghans are handling the quarantine in Pine Ridge?

Admittedly, I'm finding it hard to get motivated these days. My creativity has taken a real hit. But my awesome FB readers group, the Zanders Clan, have inspired me. They wanted more on the Callaghans and what they were up to, so, I went back to Pine Ridge to find out. I'm writing short excerpts (~ 1,000 words) on each Callaghan couple to see what they're doing to get through these crazy times.

Part 1: Michael & Maggie


Maggie Callaghan put her hands on her hips and looked approvingly around her cellar at the shelves of home-canned goodies. Peaches and pears, applesauce. Jams and jellies. Tomatoes. Bunches of dried herbs hung from the hand-hewn wooden rafters... Read more

Part 2: Kane & Rebecca


Rebecca Callaghan watched the news with growing concern—not so much for herself as for others. Traveling as she had for more than a decade with international aid organizations, she’d seen plenty of scary stuff. The difference was, in many of those cases, ... Read more

Part 3: Jake & Taryn


Taryn dipped the sponge into the bucket of disinfectant, then squeezed out the excess and got back to work. Jake’s Irish Pub was closed to the public due to a statewide mandate by the governor...  Read more  (🔥 warning: explicit content)

Part 4: Shane & Lacie


“That’s a beautiful dinosaur, Sara!”

Lacie Callaghan smiled into the webcam. The little girl withdrew the tablet far enough away from the camera for Lacie to see her smiling face ...  Read more  (🔥 warning: explicit content)

Part 5: Sean & Nicki


Nicki Callaghan twisted the wrench one final time and slid out from beneath the ’69 Plymouth Roadrunner that her husband Sean had picked up for her at an auction. It was her guilty pleasure, something she worked on for fun...  Read more  (🔥 warning: explicit content)

Part 6: Kieran & Faith


So much for leftovers.

Faith Callaghan sighed, looking into the cast iron Dutch oven. The hearty beef stew she’d had left simmering on the stove was now gone. She’d thought her son Matt had a huge appetite before he’d left for college, but that was nothing compared to ...  Read more  (🔥 warning: explicit content)

Part 7: Ian & Lexi


Lexi Callaghan hated to leave the warm embrace of her husband’s arms. One of the positives of the stay-at-home mandate meant they got to linger in bed longer every morning – definitely not a hardship since Ian was very much a “morning person.” And an afternoon person. And a late-night person … Read more  (🔥 warning: explicit content)

Part 8: Aidan & Mary


“So, did you and Ian do the big reveal this morning?” Mary asked, bringing Aidan a fresh cup of coffee.

He slipped a finger into the belt loop of her jeans and gave a gentle tug… Read more  (🔥 warning: explicit content)

💕📚 I hope you enjoyed visiting Pine Ridge this last week as much as I did. Please be safe. We have books and each other, so I know we'll get through this