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The Connelly Cousins Series


The Connelly Cousins, Book 1


When Celina Connelly returns to Birch Falls several years after her parents’ deaths, she’s not sure she’s going to stay. Nothing has changed, and yet everything is different. Or maybe living at home with her overprotective biker brother and working in the town library just isn’t enough.

When Celina meets Jamie McCullough, she knows right away that he’s a great guy. He’s handsome, intelligent, thoughtful, and treats her well. Jamie wants more than her friendship, but Celina is saving herself for the all-inclusive, heart-pounding, breath-stealing kind of magic that comes with finding the right one.

The kind she feels when she meets Jamie’s brother, Kyle.

The dark, brooding biker is all wrong for someone like her, and yet from the moment they meet, Celina knows Kyle is the one she’d been waiting for.

Kyle McCullough is the ultimate bad boy. He likes his machines fast and his women faster. When his younger brother comes to him for advice on seduction, Kyle laughs it off, believing no woman can be as perfect as Jamie makes her out to be.

He’s wrong. Not only is Celina beautiful and sexy, she’s got the class of a lady and the soul of a biker. And the only woman he’s ever wanted to spend time with outside of the bedroom as well as in it.

But it will never work. Lina’s not only his brother’s piece, she’s also his best friend’s little sister.

Besides, she’s far too good for him. And Kyle doesn’t do good girls.

“This story pulled me in just like the Callaghan Brothers series had done. Loved it! It’s that wonderful feeling you get when you read about a couple finding their soul mate….it just makes me giddy and leaves me with [a] warm wonderful feeling.” ~ Amazon Reviewer RQB

“Love this new book in a new series! If you enjoyed the Callaghans, you will enjoy the Connelly Cousins.” ~ Amazon Reviewer Debra