Channeling My Inner Orchardist

April 15, 2021

Sure, my books are fictional stories, but I draw inspiration from real life all the time. Case in point, my upcoming release, Organically Yours.

If you’re a fan of my Sanctuary series, then the name Obermacher is probably familiar to you. You’re going to be seeing that name a lot more in Doc’s book, because the heroine is none other than the crafter of that delicious peach tea you keep reading about.

Quick refresher: Obermacher Farms is the primary supplier of fresh produce in the fictional Sumneyville area, and is loosely based on some of the many farm and orchards outlets around where I live in real life. 

But did you know that I actually live in the middle of what used to be a commercial peach orchard?  

That old orchard is long since gone, but the soil and conditions for growing fruit trees – specifically peaches – remains. We’ve got regular + white peaches, plus several kinds of apples, pears, apricot and plum, as well as a few mulberry trees that grow wild.  

Much of the yield is enjoyed by the wildlife who like to frequent our property, but we don’t mind sharing; there’s plenty for everyone. As long as I have enough to can (sliced pears with a touch of vanilla schnapps is my favorite), it’s all good.

(And you thought Maggie Callaghan’s storage cellar was just a figment of my imagination 🙂)

I’ve learned a lot while doing in-depth research for Organically Yours, and you can bet I’ll be applying some of that newfound knowledge around the Zanders homestead this year.  I’ll also be trying some new peach-based recipes in an attempt to channel my inner Tina Obermacher. Like me, she’s something of a mad scientist when it comes to experimenting in the kitchen. If Tina and I hit on something particularly delicious, I’ll let you know.