March 1, 2015

I’ll admit it.   By last Friday I was one step shy of being committed.   Working overtime every day.   Pushing Kane out there ahead of schedule.   Building a new author platform for my naughty alter-ego.   Keeping up with the schedules of three very active high-schoolers.   Writing, editing, promoting in my “spare” time … yeah, you get the picture.

So I did what any mature woman would do – I ran away (well, sort of).

WhereIFindMyPeaceOne of my daughters (also an aspiring author) and I grabbed our big yellow Lab and left the rest of our non-writing family members behind and took a road trip to Grandma’s (literally over the river and through the woods, deep into the heart of the Pocono mountains) for the weekend with the hopes of recharging our creative batteries.

And for the first time in nearly six months, I went a whole day without accomplishing ANYTHING.

Now, well-rested, belly stuffed with my mother’s home cooking, head filled with my father’s sage advice (“get your head out of your a$$, girl”), I’m feeling much better and ready to dive headfirst in editing Shane’s story… and the hundred other things on my to-do list this week.

And I say, Bring It.

<3 Abbie