Forever Mine

The Callaghan Brothers, Book 9


All his life, Jack Callaghan has been a fighter and a survivor.

For his country — as a Navy SEAL in Vietnam.

For his family — as the proud son of immigrants, fierce friend, beloved husband, and father of seven strapping sons.

For his life — in war, in covert ops, and now unexpectedly stricken by a shadow that’s loomed over the Callaghan men for generations.

Jack’s most recent brush with death brings back a lifetime of memories in vivid, realistic detail. The best times of his life, as well as the worst. Through it all, he’s always fought the good fight, because he’s always had people depending on him.

But now, his sons are grown with families of their own. They run the Pub, the Team and the family, as well.

After twenty-five years without his croie, he’s tired … tired of fighting, tired of existing without her. Especially when he is so close to seeing his Kathleen again.

I’ll love you forever, mo croie beloved.

“I loved it start to finish. It’s such a beautifully told story of pure, perfect love and sacrifice. It ripped my heart out and sewed it back in throughout the pages.” ~ Amazon Reviewer Kendra

“I loved this book from page one. The story was enthralling and I fell in love with Kathleen and Jack even more than I did their sons.” ~ Amazon Reviewer PJ