Friday the 13th

March 13, 2015

Depositphotos_14003102_xsTriskaidekaphobia got you down? Ward off the woo-woo with a triple charm of unadvertised, unexplained romantic phenomena freebies* this Friday the 13th:

VampireUnawareCoverSettle in with brooding master vamp Jason and his unwanted houseguest in Vampire Unaware

Silhouettes of a two lovers … or join Scottish maiden Isobeille as she is thrust forward 600 years into the heart of modern day NYC in Lost in Time I

Silhouettes of a two lovers… or travel back into the Highlands to the times of braw Scottish warriors and fine keeps with Aislinn in Lost in Time II.

* Please check prices before buying. According to the KDP FAQ, free days run from midnight to midnight, Pacific Standard Time.

Stay lucky,
<3 Abbie