Having Faith

The Callaghan Brothers, Book 7


Sometimes the biggest obstacle to overcome is yourself.

Kieran Callaghan has it all. As the sole remaining single male of the Callaghan clan, he is drawing a lot of female attention. Not only is the former SEAL easy on the eyes and the poster boy for BodyWorks, the fitness center he owns/operates, but he is a genuinely nice guy with a white-knight complex.

The only thing he doesn’t have is the one thing he wants most: a croie with which to share his life.

Faith O’Connell is a young, single mom hoping for a fresh start for her and her teenage son. Life hasn’t been easy, but they’ve managed. Once forced to live off the charity of others, she is determined to make it on her own.

When Kieran shows up on her doorstep, Faith is quite sure she’s met the perfect man. He might just be the best friend she’s ever had, and her son adores him. But they come from two vastly different worlds, and Faith knows it can’t be anything more. She’s already been down that road once, and has the scars to prove it.

Kieran doesn’t care about any of that. Faith is his. And he will convince her that when you find your croie, nothing else matters.

“I love these books! Each Callaghan has had his own set of challenges as they meet and fall in love with his croie (soulmate).” ~ Amazon Reviewer Debra

“This story is a well-written love story. No guns, no shooting, no action/adventure. It deals with the way two people have to feel out each other, and bypass the hurdles and misconceptions of the world around us. The story is moving, and heartfelt.” ~ Amazon Reviewer Paten