Howdy, Cousin

September 20, 2015

Celina POD Back and spine Celina, Connelly Cousins Book 1 is now available! You can check it out here: Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon DE, Amazon AU, Amazon CA, and other Amazon online marketplaces as well.

A number of years ago, I decided to try my hand at drafting a short contemporary romance. By then I had discovered that writing was my drug of choice, my blissful escape from the everyday. I had already done a few paranormals and a mystery or two (as of yet unpublished) and thought, why not? Of course then I never believed that anyone else would ever read them, or that I would actually publish anything.

That first attempt resulted in the story of Celina Connelly and her bad boy biker, Kyle McCullough in the small, imaginary town of Birch Falls, PA. I had so much fun with that, I wrote stories for her two brothers as well. And it was still so much fun that I branched out into their extended family across the river in Pine Ridge, a family of seven brothers and their father you may know as the Callaghans.

So much has changed since then! And yeah, I did things kind of backwards, releasing the Callaghans first, but now it’s finally Celina and Kyle’s turn. After many rounds of edits and rewrites (like I said, it was an early attempt) they are finally ready to go. Now it’s time to turn my sights to Johnny…

All about family,
Abbie <3