Ignorance is Bliss

November 2, 2015

Okay, not always. But in some cases, most definitely. Like when think you can write a book and publish it.

After talking to dozens of other authors, attending workshops, and joining author/reader groups, one thing has become consistently clear: I did everything wrong.

Yep, wrong. I didn’t have my book professionally edited. I didn’t have beta or ARC teams. I had a $0 budget and had no marketing plan, brand, or presence. Nor did I have an outline or a web. The only tools I used were Microsoft Word, my aging laptop, and some crackpot idea that I might actually have written something someone else would find entertaining.

If I had known fourteen months ago what I do now, I probably never would have published my first book, Five Minute Man, or the seventeen more since. Had I known, I would have been completely overwhelmed and convinced I didn’t stand a chance.

All Night WomanSo, to all of you aspiring authors out there (or aspiring anything, really), I say: Go for it. Take that first step. Make mistakes. Learn and grow from them. Listen to others, but don’t believe for one second there’s only one right way to do something.

Oh, and by the way, that first book is now on sale for 99 cents/pounds along with its successor. Both have Kindle Countdown Deals November 2nd thru November 8th.
(both are still FREE on Kindle Unlimited).

Amazon US: Five Minute Man, All Night Woman
Amazon UK: Five Minute Man, All Night Woman

Thinking outside the box,
Abbie <3