Letting Go

A Stand-Alone Contemporary Romance


When it comes to love, no mission is impossible.

After learning her father has ALS, Hannah McGinnis returns home to Muskrat Falls, determined to oversee his care — whether he likes it or not. Dealing with an imperfect health care system and her gruff, abrasive father is a challenge, but Hannah is every bit as stubborn as he is.

Colonel Angus McGinnis, US Army Rangers, Ret. knows he hasn’t been an ideal father but before he ships out, he’s made it his mission to see his daughter happy and settled with a man worthy of her, one who will love her and treat her like the amazing woman she is. It’s got to be a covert mission though, because if Hannah realizes what he’s up to, she’ll mount her own campaign … of resistance.

A year after an IED ended his military career, former US Army Ranger Medic Sergeant Ethan O’Malley is going to put his life back together, whether he thinks he’s ready to or not. The first step is accepting a position as a live-in caretaker to his father’s old Army buddy. The second will be getting the Colonel’s feisty daughter to accept him. The hostile yet intriguing Hannah isn’t going to make it easy for him, but Ethan is committed and he hasn’t failed a mission yet.

Three headstrong, determined people. Three challenging missions. Having a plan Bravo isn’t going to be enough; they’re each going to need plans Charlie, Delta, and Foxtrot, too.

“I did not want to let go of this book . I enjoyed it so much I laughed and I cried and got the warm cozy’s over a long time friendship.” – Amazon Review KJ

“Loved the way this was written. Two people who while taking care of others found each other. A romance without abuse, murder and mayhem. It was a heartwarming romance that will make you feel good for the young couple who are thrown together by two crafty ole Army Rangers.” – Amazon Reviewer GSKM in SC