Life Imitating Art?

October 15, 2018

A phrase we hear often is, “art imitates life“, and I suppose that in many respects, that’s true. But does it work the other way around? Can life also be inspired by art?

The answer, at least for this author, is:  you bet it can.

Take my newest release, for example. Seizing Mack features a strong heroine – Heather “Mack” MacKenzie. Joining the Marines changed her life and helped her define who she really is. She now applies the lessons she learned about discipline, service, and gratitude through her fitness center, aptly named Seize after her favorite saying, carpe diem (“seize the day”).

Like most authors, I get really close to my characters. Getting in their heads, understanding who they are and what makes them tick, is essential to bringing them to life. I am especially proud of Mack. In the process of writing her and Nick’s story, I admit that in many ways, she has become more than my creation; she has become a source of inspiration as well.

Am I about to enlist? No. But I do love Mack’s no-nonsense, kick-ass approach to life. I love that, despite her many accomplishments, she still struggles with self-image like so many of us do. That even though she appears so tough on the outside, she’s dealing with the same unrealistic expectations bombarding us day in and day out in terms of ‘what a woman should be’. It’s easy enough to pretend not to care what other people think or say or do, but let’s face it – negativity does have a way of slithering its way in through the cracks, chipping away at our confidence and making us doubt ourselves. Mack, like us, is flawed and therefore, relatable.

That makes me wonder… if I can relate to her struggles, can I then also relate to her triumphs?

I’m taking some of the things “Mack” has taught me and trying to incorporate them into my own life. For example, I’m trying to eat healthier (I’m including some “lean & green” recipes in the next couple of monthly newsletters, if you’re interested). I’m trying to get away from my desk and move around a little more (I hesitate to use the term “exercise”, because that would be a gross misrepresentation).  And I’m trying to believe more in myself and less in what others think, because as Mack says, to thine own self be true.

Hell, I may even follow Mack’s example and get that as a tattoo…

… maybe not ?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy Mack and Nick’s story. I had a lot of fun going back to Covendale, where the main dialect is sarcasm and love runs deep and true.

Stay strong and happy reading,