May Daze

Nothing will ever be the same. Dramatic words, to be sure, but pretty accurate, too. Even as things begin to resume, they’re different, because we’re different. Our life experiences shape not only who we are, but also our perception of everything around us.

Good? Bad? I don’t know. Only time will tell, I suppose, and a lot will depend on who is telling the story.

What hasn’t changed is how important books are to me. Even if I haven’t been particularly productive on my WIPs over the last month, I have been reading a lot – both old favorites and new discoveries. They are my happy places. My tickets to wherever I want to be.

A break. A release. An escape. A chance to step back, take a much-needed breath, and recharge.

What’s going to happen this month? Again, I don’t know. But, I’ve got a multitude of old “friends” and the potential for seemingly infinite new ones to get me through it.

So… onward we go. One step/book/escape at a time.