New Year, New Look

January 13, 2016
2016 Happy New Year Background for your Christmas Flyers, dinner invitations, festive posters, restaurant menu cover, book cover,promotional depliant, Elegant greetings cards and so on.

Happy New Year!

If you’ve visited my site before, then you’ve probably noticed a big change in the way it looks. I revamped the theme, added some nifty widgets, and did some behind the scenes stuff to appease my inner geek. What do you think?

Book Banner 01-12-16Signed Paperbacks: A lot of people have been asking me if I sell signed paperbacks. Until now, the answer has been no. But then I thought, why not? So for a limited time (trial basis), the answer is, Why yes, you can order personalized, signed Abbie Zanders paperbacks. I’ve put together a Google Form (my inner geek is really dancing with joy this month) if you’re interested: Signed Paperback Request Form

Special Deals: In preparation for Jack’s book coming along a little later this year, I’ve been doing Kindle Countdown Deals on the Callaghans. If you’re just starting the series, or want to build your library, this is a great opportunity to do so. I was a bit lax in getting this post out there on time (the website reno took a lot longer than I anticipated), but here’s what’s left for the remainder of the monthly specials (99 cents US / pounds UK):

<3 Abbie