Not Quite Broken

Callaghan Brothers / Family & Friends

Note: Not Quite Broken was originally published as part of the USA Today best-selling anthology, Love Under Siege. This individually-published title is not significantly different than the story that appeared in LUS.

Every day is a struggle for Brian McCain. Betrayed by his best friend and abandoned by his country, he feels broken and unable to connect with anyone. But Tori Donovan is different. She shines a light into his darkness and keeps the demons at bay, at least for a little while.

Tori has demons of her own. All her life, she’s been let down by those who should have been protecting her. She’s learned the only one she can depend on is herself. Brian might be the exception. He’s a great guy, everything she’s looking for, but he’s too caught up in his own problems to see the truth.

When their relationship goes beyond friendship, Brian thinks the best option is to walk away. Tori’s sudden and unexpected disappearance is the wake-up call he needs, and Brian learns he’s not as alone or as broken as he thought.

Praise for Not Quite Broken

“This is a captivating, suspense filled emotional story.” ~ Goodreads Reviewer Yolanda 

Not Quite Broken is one of those reads that stays with you long after you finish. A story that keeps you on the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens next. It has both a great leading couple and brilliant supporting characters…” ~ Goodreads Reviewer Stacy 

Not Quite Broken by Abbie Zanders is WOW! Fans of the Callaghan brothers have been waiting and watching for this book…” – Goodreads Reviewer Shelly

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐❤❤❤❤❤ “Five stars and five hearts! Abbie Zanders’ heroes and their croies are all amazing and definitely characters I’d love to know in real life.”  – Amazon Reviewer Cherylynn 

“…intensely suspenseful romance… full of emotions, intrigue, and passion.” – Amazon Reviewer Catlou

“These books have a lot of heart & soul (some decent sexy times too); but overall leave you with a feel-good-warm feeling.” – Amazon Reviewer D. Harley