Raising Hell in the Highlands

A Timeless Love, Book 2


Sometimes you have to go back before you can move forward…

Aislinn Isobeille McKenna is feeling lost and alone. Recently discharged from serving six consecutive 12-month terms with the US Army, she has no home, no family, and no friends, which is nothing new for her, really. She lives a transitory, vigilante-type lifestyle in shadows, kicking ass and taking names.

At least until she’s attacked from behind and wakes up to find herself in the Scottish highlands six centuries earlier, right in the midst of a clan skirmish.

After saving the life of Laird Lachlan Brodie, he takes her back to his keep to tend to her injuries and get some answers. She’s sure it’s all a dream, especially when things get hot and heavy and very realistic with the sexy Scot, but in what kind of dream does she still have to shave?

“Fabulous time travel read. Great to see a romance time travel book completely without the usual cringe worthy tropes of helpless female or overbearing manly man who always knows better and expects to obeyed.” ~ Amazon Reviewer

“I really enjoyed this book. It was a quick read, soulful, and funny. My heart broke, healed, and soared. Lovely for a quick trip or rainy afternoon.” ~ Amazon Reviewer M.