Seizing Mack

Covendale series, Book 3


Carpe the romance…

Heather “Mack” McKenzie is no delicate flower. After several tours in the Marines, she runs her own fitness center, Seize, named for her favorite motto, Carpe Diem. She’s happy with what she’s accomplished, if a little lonely. Most guys aren’t interested in a woman who can put them on their ass, and Mack’s not willing to settle.

Ten years ago, Nick Benning left Covendale consumed with guilt and grief. Now he’s back, older, wiser, and ready to face his past. When Nick joins Seize on the recommendations of his police brethren, the attraction to Mack is instant and unmistakable. Nick doesn’t need his detective skills to know that beneath that tough, snarky exterior lies a woman with a big, fragile heart.

When Nick asks her out, Mack hesitantly accepts, cautiously hopeful this could be the real deal. But between Nick’s dangerous job, Mack’s insecurities, and her stepsister’s jealous schemes, is their spark of connection lightning in a bottle…or doomed to fizzle?

~ * ~

‘Mack is one of my favorite characters ever. She is confident and vulnerable at the same time.” – Amazon Reviewer Kim

“Every time Abbie writes a book, she really puts all the feels into it.” – Amazon Reviewer KA

“I really enjoyed this quirky, up-bit romance. The hilarious supporting characters were just a cherry on top of a great read.” – Amazon Reviewer Penny

“…all the small town intrigue you could want and a slow burn that is well worth the wait.” – Amazon Reviewer Allena

“Mack is a total girl crush for me, she’s tough but sweet at the same time.” – Amazon Reviewer Amanda

“Fun to read and makes you feel good.” – Goodreads Review

“This was fantastic. Funny, sexy, and romantic.” – Goodreads Review