Summer Beach Read Blitz – Part One

July 1, 2015

So yeah, I know it’s not summer everywhere, and I know not everyone is going to the beach, BUT bear with me and use your imagination, because I’ve lined up the next two months with a series of Kindle Countdown Deals and FREEBIEs in the spirit of summertime beach reads.

July 2015 specials(please verify prices before purchase; all titles are currently also FREE to borrow under the Kindle Unlimited program):

DangerousSecrets_CallaghanBrothers_Book1 Dangerous Secrets (Callaghan Brothers, Book 1) 99 cents KCD, July 2nd thru July 8th,available on Amazon US and Amazon UK. When Taryn Malone shows up in his bar one night, she captures Jake Callaghan’s immediate interest. She’s running from something – including him – and he’s determined to find out what and why.

Silhouettes of a two lovers Lost in Time I (Lost in Time series, Book 1) 99 cents KCD, July 5th thru July 11th, available on Amazon US and Amazon UK. When 15th century Scottish maiden Isobeille McKenna made that prayer, she never expected to find herself thrown into 21st century New York City, right in the path of a cross-town bus. Good thing EMT Nick Peterson just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

Abbie_Zanders_Callaghan Brothers 2_First_and_Only (2)First and Only (Callaghan Brothers, Book 2) 99 cents KCD, July 9th thru July 15th, available on Amazon US and Amazon UK. Lexi Kattapoulos has been in love with Ian Callaghan since she first laid eyes on him. When Ian tries to seduce her ten years later – without knowing who she is – it might be her only chance to fulfill her dreams, even if it can never be anything more than one night.

Silhouettes of a two loversLost in Time II (Lost in Time series, Book 2) 99 cents sale, July 12th thru July 18th, available on Amazon US and Amazon UK. Aislinn McKenna is a survivor, but simply surviving isn’t always enough. When she made a Christmas wish, she never expected to wake up in the middle of a clan skirmish in the Scottish highlands, nor to fall for the braw Laird Lachlan Brodie.

Abbie_Zanders_Callaghan Brothers 3 House Calls KDP sizeHouse Calls (Callaghan Brothers, Book 3) 99 cents KCD, July 16th thru July 22nd, available on Amazon US and Amazon UK. Unfortunate life experiences and lack of funds have left Maggie Flynn with an irrational dislike of conventional medicine, which makes things especially difficult when she falls hard and fast for the soft-spoken Dr. Michael Callaghan. To get her Happily Ever After, Maggie must learn to trust again.

TheRealist_Cover3The RealistFREE from July 19th thru July 23rd, available on Amazon US and Amazon UK (I think the freebies span all Amazon markets, but please verify before 1-clicking). Clarissa Sullivan and Travis Maxwell have something in common – they both just want to be left alone. As the only two residents in the remote mountain area, what begins as a reluctant alliance becomes much, much more.

Abbie_Zanders_Callaghan Brothers 4_Seeking Vengeance KDP SizeSeeking Vengeance (Callaghan Brothers, Book 4) 99 cents KCD, July 23rd thru July 29th, available on Amazon US and Amazon UK. Nicki Callaghan is Sean Callaghan’s perfect woman. Tough as nails, she’s his every naughty fantasy rolled up into one sexy package. But Nicki’s on a mission, and Sean Callaghan is one distraction she can’t afford.

Enjoy! Virtual toes in the sand,
Abbie <3