The Oracle at Mythic

Mythic, Book 3


Doctoral candidate Tedi Papadopoulos might appear absent-minded, but that’s only because she’s got so much going on in there. She believes the seemingly unrelated series of events that brought her to Mythic have a purpose, even if she can’t yet see what that is.

It might have something to do with the tall, dark, and sexy guy who tends to appear at the most opportune times. And she’d be totally okay with that, because he has a way of focusing her thoughts. When he’s around, she can’t think of anything else.

Despite his best efforts, Kristoff can’t get Mythic’s newest arrival out of his mind. Sure, she’s adorably addled and sexy, but she’s unknowingly putting a crimp in his playboy lifestyle and he’s not happy about it. The fact that she’s garnered the attention of every shifter, mage, and vamp – including his own grandsire – isn’t helping.

There’s no doubt Tedi has a sense of Destiny about her. He’s just not convinced it’s his.

“I am the first to admit I am not a huge fan of paranormal books but Abbie Zanders’ Mythic is just fun. I LOVE the characters, the vampires, wolves, witches and others that live in this mystical city are just plain intriguing.” – Amazon Reviewer M.J.

“Adding Greek mythology to the usual paranormal fare of vampires and shifters was a stroke of genius “ – Kindle Customer