The Realist

A Stand-Alone Contemporary Romance


Better alone than in bad company.

That’s Clarissa Sullivan’s new philosophy. No more bad relationships. No more dead-end jobs. No more depending on anyone for anything. The rustic mountain cabin in the middle of nowhere is the perfect place to start over and simplify.

Adopting a mongrel stray isn’t part of the plan. Neither is guarding her heart against her sexy, survivalist neighbor.

Marine Travis Maxwell is totally on board with that. He sought out the seclusion of the mountains to get away from betraying fiancés and back-stabbing best friends. The last thing he needs – or wants – is to get close to anyone ever again.

Worrying about his prickly, sexy little neighbor isn’t part of the plan. And any kind of relationship is definitely out of the question.

But in the unforgiving wilderness, it just makes sense to have each other’s back, right?

“I loved this book. Loved the characters and the way the story was told. There was no bad guy, etc. just these two and how they come together. Great read. Very entertaining and I definitely recommend it. Feel good when you are finished reading!!” ~ Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer 

“It was written with a lot of humor and quite a bit of dry wit. I loved it. I don’t [know] if the characters were taken from real life, but if they were, I would like to meet them. They are my kind of folk. Wonderful and very entertaining.” ~ Amazon Reviewer Gail