Wolf Out of Water

Mythic, Book 4


Matt’s pack is getting antsy. They want him to pick a mate and soon. The trouble is, the Werewolf Alpha just hasn’t found the right one. He wants a mate who will challenge him at every step, a female strong of will and body. The fact that such a woman hasn’t conveniently laid herself at his doorstep along with all of the other she-wolves vying for his attention is making him very cranky.

His sister Dani insists a few days of rest and relaxation at the beach is exactly what he needs. Matt reluctantly agrees, if for no other reason than to get his sister and the rest of his pack off his back.

He never expected to find his mate. And he really didn’t expect her to be human, not when she’s so perfect in every other way.

Jessie Sablewolf is being forced into a mating she doesn’t want. In what’s to be her final rebellion, she escapes to the beach for a week of sun and fun. Fun that includes parasailing, jet skiing, body-surfing, and the no-strings hook-up of her dreams.

Thanks to an amulet bespelled by her magically powerful best friend, the insanely sexy Alpha wolf has no idea she’s a shifter. That’s good, because as her true mate, he could ruin everything.


“So fun! I loved the story and I love how all the Mystic characters interact and are involved in each book. The wolf pack is full of fun and mischief and a complete delight to spend a few hours with!” – Amazon Reviewer Shannon M.

“A beautiful continuation about sacrifice, family and journeying to find the one. A story that you will not want to miss out one with dominant alphas, fantastic heroines and just a little magic that will have you finishing the story in one sitting!!” – Amazon Reviewer Melissa