Behind the Scenes: Immortal Dreams

June 19, 2018

Mythology has always been a favorite interest of mine, especially Greek mythology. I find it absolutely fascinating, and love to lose myself in tales of gods and demigods, heroes and heroines. But I also have a personal interest in it as well, because Greek culture is  part of my ancestry.

Not only do I enjoy classical mythology (Perseus & Jason, I’m looking at you), but I like reading mythology-based paranormal romances as well. I mean, I love my shifters and vampires, but Greek gods and demigods? Sign me up, baby.

It seemed a foregone conclusion that I would eventually write one as well, creating my own heroes and heroines based on myths and legends and putting my own spin on things:

On the outside, there is nothing remarkable about Ellie Cavannaugh. Of average height, average looks, she is sensible and wholly competent.

But inside, she has the soul of a goddess.

Nik Deimos is a god. The son of Ares and Aphrodite, his duplicitous nature often has mortals cowering in fear or writhing in lust. Except for his personal assistant, that is.

She seems wholly unaffected. And it intrigues him. The more he learns about Ellie, the more he is convinced she was meant to be his.

There is only one problem: Ellie is already married.

I actually wrote it years ago, along with dozens of others that have yet to make it beyond my hard drive. I’ve learned a few  things (translation: TONS) since then. The story was good, but the writing – as you can imagine – needed work.

I’ve since given the story a major overhaul, had it professionally edited, and even got a sexy cover. The result is Immortal Dreams, my first published mythological romance. Click HERE to check out an excerpt.

I hope you enjoy reading Nik and Ellie’s story as much as I enjoyed writing it!