Behind the Scenes: Rock Hard

May 31, 2018

Rex Løve. Lion Shifter. International Sex Symbol. Rock God. Creative genius. And to those closest to him: a royal pain in the arse. 
~ * ~

Apparently, I have a thing for writing arseholes.

I love shifters – reading about them and writing about them. You can do so much more with them as characters than you can with humans. For one thing, they have cool special abilities, like superior strength, speed, and acute senses. For another, their animals can get away with a lot of “questionable” behavior we wouldn’t tolerate from a regular guy (or gal). And what’s more “alpha male” than a true “alpha male”?

When paranormal romance writers Gwen Knight and C.E. Black came up with idea for the BAD Alpha Dad romance line, I was intrigued. The concept added a nice twist to the usual trope. Yes, these guys are badass shifter alpha males, but they are also pretty clueless when it comes to kids – which is where the “bad dad” part comes in. For anyone who has watched a “this is what happens when you leave dad with the baby” video on YouTube, you can begin to see the potential here.

So my guy Rex is a lion shifter and a rock star, which means he’s incredibly vain and kind of clueless – especially when it comes to his daughter. He might think he knows everything, but he finds out pretty quickly otherwise, and only when he could lose everything does he begin to see what’s really important.

I really enjoyed writing this one and bringing the king of the jungle to his knees. If you’d like to know more about Rex and his redemption, click HERE.