Coming In Like a Lion…

March 1, 2020

That’s the saying, right? March comes in “like a lion” and goes out “like a lamb.” I did a little research into what that means and I’m still not sure. What I was able to confirm, however, is that folklore doesn’t always make sense.

For example, one of the more prevalent explanations for the phrase I found is that the astrological sign for those born at the beginning of the month is Leo (the lion) and those at the end, Aries (the lamb). Great theory, EXCEPT for the fact that those born in early March are actually Pisces, not Leos, and the symbol for Aries is a RAM, not a lamb.

Growing up in the Northeast as I did, we believed the saying had more to do with the weather. Brutal winter storms with high snow totals are fairly common at the beginning of March, with milder conditions toward the end. At least I know that’s true.

Regardless, I’m off to a roaring good start (see what I did there?). I finished the first draft of Shadow of Doubt, the 3rd book in my small-town, contemporary romance / romantic suspense series, Sanctuary. I’ve been working on this one for months, pushing other things to the wayside to focus on Mad Dog and Kate’s story. Over 80,000 words later, I finally feel as if I’ve done them justice – and learned a lot about these characters in the process.

While they’re off in edits, I’ll be working on the dreaded blurb – gah – and setting up a preorder, as well as playing catch-up on a million other things I let slide.

Plus, March has a lot going on. Daylight savings on the 8th (Spring Forward!). Spring break for my college kids – guaranteed that is not going to be a productive week for me, though it IS going to be fun. Of course, there’s St. Paddy’s Day on the 17th and the first day of spring isn’t far behind! Looks like Punxsutawney Phil got it right this year after all.

Stay warm, be hopeful, and celebrate the green, my friends ?