It’s Official

With each new book in the Callaghan Brothers series, things grew increasingly complex. Worried about contradictions, I started keeping detailed notes on who did what, when they did it, and who they did it to. Eventually my little cheat sheet became two dozen pages of reference material, useless to anyone but addled ol’ me. Or was it?

CallaghanBrothersGuideIf I found it useful, maybe fans of the series might, too. And if I added some facts and trivia that weren’t in the books – like what Kane’s tattoo is, or the name of Kieran and Faith’s child – it might have some worth. I posed the question out there on Facebook, and people said, “Yeah, sounds good.”

So then I started prettying it up, and I thought, “Hmmm. What if I added an interview, author to characters?” So again to FB I went and asked, “If you could ask one or more of the Callaghans anything, what would it be?” And that became a section in the book, too.

The end result? An official guide to the Callaghan Brothers series with:
• A list of the books (in order) with blurbs and excerpts
• The characters and super-short bios of each
• A family tree
• A timeline (no big spoilers if you haven’t read the whole series)
• Miscellaneous info on things like the Callaghan crest, their cars, stuff like that
• The super-secret recipe for Brian McCain’s Virgin Slayer cocktail
• A special interview with the boys

And better yet, I made it FREE for the next 5 days.

Sound like something you’d be interested in? Then click The Official Guide to the Callaghan Brothers Series for your free copy today.

Cross-referenced and organized,
Abbie <3